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While Sertco has manufactured and sold 1000’s of natural gas compressors as an OEM, it also provides a leasing service to its customers that feel it better matches their business model. Who better to maintain your compression than the OEM that assembled it in the first place? Top quality technicians are always on call and are key to sustaining the highest available uptime in the industry.

Sertco’s service begins with a thorough review of your application and operating
conditions. We work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your needs and

We will coordinate delivery, supervise the installation, and remain on location
throughout the process to ensure a trouble-free startup

All compressor packages within a designated service area have a local team of
highly qualified field technicians and supervisors that you can contact directly for
faster response times and better information sharing. Sertco is highly focused on
and committed to a superior preventive maintenance program. This allows us to
have one of the highest available uptimes in the industry. Following the installation
of each package, and throughout the term of the contract, Sertco performs
regularly scheduled preventive maintenance.

Every package is fabricated to specifications that implement years of reliability and
flexibility know-how. In the end, it’s the quality of service that sets us apart from others.

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At Sertco, we're proud to have a team that provides a high level of customer service and we're dedicated to keeping it that way.

Our Pillars of Excellence (People, Culture, Equipment, and Service) drive every aspect of our relationships with customers, employees and local communities.